Wake people up,
fully and completely

We Are Delighters!

DelightRoom is the place where Alarmy, which has awakened 75 million people, was born.
We deliver a successful morning to people all around the world every day
and help them little by little to lead the life they want.

We are Delighters, who are most delighted when we wake people up fully and completely.

This Is How We Work

Delighters, who make Alarmy, continue to grow based on
their exceptional capabilities, and each of them has great influence.
  • 01
    Contribute freely to product growth and company direction.
  • 02
    Support each other's growth through peer reviews.
  • 03
    Aim for a horizontal structure without hierarchy.
  • 04
    Communicate continuously through 1:1 meetings.
  • 05
    Share company issues transparently through town hall meetings.
  • 06
    Review progress and plan the next step at quarterly workshops.
  • 07
    Freely form study groups and grow together.
  • 08
    Help new members adapt naturally and quickly through onboarding.

Pursue an Excellent Small Company of Outstanding Professionals

DelightRoom pursues an outstanding company of talented people who are building the growth of individuals and organizations together, based on their best capabilities. Through high job autonomy and sufficient authority, we create a company that has a great influence on each person.

Focus on Product, Culture, and Growth Without External Pressure

Delighters do not sacrifice products or organizational culture for business decisions. DelightRoom provides a stable and efficient work environment that everyone can focus solely on the growth of the product itself and the culture.

We Work With These Values

Delighters work with
growth, efficiency,
autonomy, pleasure
as core values.
  • Growth

    We believe that individual growth makes organizational growth.

    DelightRoom is a group of growth-seeking people. As a small team, each one of them has a huge influence, so it requires constant growth. We believe that individual growth is the growth of the Delight Room, and we are all seeking to grow together, feeling the pleasure of growth.
  • Efficiency

    We work efficiently and make high performance.

    Since DelightRoom is a small company, we need to do various things sometimes. It's not just about investing a lot of time, but it depends on how efficiently we work. DelightRoom continues to think about how to produce results more efficiently.
  • Autonomy

    We work joyfully through high autonomy based on trust.

    At DelightRoom, we decide what we want to do within the established discipline. We believe that all the growth, efficiency, and joy will follow us when we do what we want to do. When we wake up in the morning, we are pursuing a day of things that we believe we should do, not a day of things that we do not know why we have to do.
  • Pleasure

    We want all the members to live happily and joyfully.

    DelightRoom wants all members to stay delightful and happy while working. We believe that pleasure and happiness at the company are very important parts of the members' lives as it is a place where they spend nearly half of their waking hours. We seek to go further in the right direction rather than faster and believe that the process must be enjoyable to go further together.

Curious about the Alarmy team culture?