Looking for a new team member
to wake up people all over the world together

This is the type of person we are looking for!

Delighters, who create Alarmy, continue to grow
based on their exceptional capabilities, and each of them has a great influence.

🏋️‍♀️ Work Competency

  • Competency 01

    Strategic Thinking

    • Ability to Build Processes and Strategies to Achieve Goals
    • Ability to efficiently adjust priorities to produce impactful results from limited resources
  • Competency 02

    Problem-Solving Skills

    • Ability to proactively discover problems and separate complicated problems
    • Ability to come up with multiple solutions to solve problems and find the best solution
  • Competency 03

    Job Performance

    • Ability to execute and experience quickly and get lessons
    • The ability to reliably produce high-quality results by drawing end-to-end well in advance simplifying and structuring complex tasks

직군별 인재상

iOS Group

People with passion about building compelling mobile experiences and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions!

Android Group

People who agree with the "Agile Manifesto" and enjoy creating products and group cultures!

Product Design Group

People who can think of the overall experience of the users and identify and solve business problems with the product!

User & Product Operation Group

People who constantly think over the excellent user experience and are familiar with mobile devices thinking structurally!

Marketing Group

People who can see through numbers and people at the same time and communicate in various ways!

People & Culture Group

HR = Happy Relationship: People who pursue a happy relationship and have a positive influence on both the company and its members!

BD Group

People who can predict potential business value with unconventional thinking to develop business for the company!

Data Group

Specialists of data analysis with a keen perspective, problem solving skills, and have much curiosity for data and goals for personal growth.

Infra Group

People who are sincere in solving problems through engineering, fearless of change & innovation.

Rule & Benefit

Based on the basic premise of "The best welfare is best outstanding colleagues", we support the benefits that Delighters need to achieve their best performance.
  • 😆

    Unlimited Annual Leave

    The number of annual leave given to all Delighters is unlimited and can be used freely without someone's permission unless it causes huge interruption on current projects.
  • Flexible Working Hours System

    All Delighters are encouraged to work at their most efficient times.
  • 🍙

    Breakfast & Unlimited Snacks

    DelightRoom provides breakfast for all Delighters to start a successful morning. You can eat unlimited snacks at the snack bar.
  • 🍔

    Overtime/Holiday Meal Support

    DelightRoom supports meals to recharge energy during off-duty hours such as overtime or holidays.
  • 🚕

    Overtime Taxi Support

    If public transportation is cut off while working overtime inevitably, the overtime taxi fare will be provided to reduce fatigue caused by work.
  • 💵

    Growth Subsidy

    DelightRoom provides growth subsidies when career-related education and other activities are needed for personal health and growth.
  • 💰

    Study Meal Support (Lunch/Dinner)

    If you conduct an in-house study using lunch or dinner time, DelightRoom offers meals up to 10,000 won/person to cheer the study group members on spending their precious lunch/dinner time well.
  • 🏰

    Staycation Support Program

    We provide one-day hotel accommodation to those who have contributed to better understanding and attraction of DelightRoom externally through the articles about job experience or conference speech.
  • ✍️

    Internal Recommendation System

    If someone recommended by a Delighter joins DelightRoom, the Delighter will be given one day of five-star hotel accommodation. If the final acceptance of the talent is confirmed after 3 months, 1 million won will be paid for the referral fee.
  • 📚

    Unlimited Support For Books

    Business-related books that Delighters need are always supported unlimitedly.
  • 🖥

    High-Quality Equipment Support

    DelightRoom provides Delighters with the best quality equipment to focus on their work most efficiently, and the separate personal specification request is also available. (Motion Desk, MacBook, 4K Monitor, etc.)
  • 🏖

    Relax & Refresh

    There is a sleeping room that helps to resolve sleepiness and focus on work, and there is also a high-end massage chair that prevents turtle necks and stretches the body.